Bombay Box Black
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Bombay Box Black

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The Camel Fair is held next to the temple of Savitri in Pushkar, Rajasthan. Once a year over 80,000 camels, cows, sheep, goats, and horses, some 200,000 merchants, farmers, bandits, thieves, and a variety of human existence gather to find enlightenment and/or commerce. This is where Mary and John Newby from Arkaroola (N.S.Wales) went every year in the Twenties to select camel breeding stock for the Australian outback. Bringing along a stock of fine wines like Château Soutard and bottles of Vieille Reserve Armagnac 1883 to survive hardship, they strapped campaign boxes onto their Bentleys and headed to the desert for a week or so to live in tents. M. 15.75 x 22.25 x 26" M. 40 x 56.5 x 66cm, 40 × 56,5 × 66 cm

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