Gothic Weatherglass
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Gothic Weatherglass

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For thousands of years man has struggled to explain the mysteries of the weather. To understand its unpredictable patterns, much was attributed to magic. Renaissance scientists discovered the principle that weather was influenced by air pressure. This handblown Weather Glass is a true replica of early 16th and 17th century scientific and domestic barometers. It functions as well as it did hundreds of years ago, unfailingly indicating changes in atmosphereic pressure. The weather glass accurately forecast weather changes 4 to 12 hours in advance. If the atmospheric pressure is high, signifying good weather, the fluid in the spout is pushed downwards. When bad weather is imminent, the fluid rises up the indicator tube. This early barometer features a hand blown glass vessel with elegantly shaped spout. Fill it with colored water to approximately one inch above where the spout joins the glass body. The glass is suspended from a rustic looking solid metal wall bracket and drop catcher. Home décor with a story.

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